lukhnos 5:43pm, 15 April 2009
Hi all,

ObjectiveFlickr is a Flickr API framework written in Objective-C, designed for both Mac and iPhone app development.

Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite aiming to target different Apple platforms/SDKs and to simplify class interface design. This version also comes with an example iPhone app that demonstrates how to perform app auth and upload photos on iPhone or iPod Touch. An example Mac app and a command line example app are also supplied.

The README contains instructions on how to embed the framework in your Mac or iPhone app project, how to use the framework to call Flickr API, how to design the auth process, and how to read out the API response.

ObjectiveFlickr is an open source software released under the MIT License. The project is no longer hosted on Google Code. It is now hosted on github at:

Feedbacks and patches are welcome and appreciated. If your app uses the framework, I'd love to hear from you too!

shahidpucit 7 years ago
you don`t provide any help regarding building for iphone. plz upload any video or tutorial to how to build objetiveflickr please.
shahidpucit 7 years ago
am building objective flickr project for Iphone device but it gives error.the project always build for current mac OS. please provide help for it plz i need it
earlysun39 6 years ago
your doc about Adding ObjectiveFlickr to the iPhone App Project not clear to me it also causes error, Xcode seems not to find libObjectiveFlickr.a and ObjectiveFlickr.framework files, i'm a new iphone developer please help if you can..
Rodolfo_Antonici 5 years ago
Sorry, but this API doesn`t work when you take the files and transfer to another project, so plz, make a static library + documentation or make a good tutorial about it, like Facebook did.
david_casserly 5 years ago
I had problems with it, especially when iOS 5 and LLVM 3 was released. All I did was create a new empty project, add his source files including LFWebAPIKit. I then dragged that project file into my project (The Gallery for iPad and Flickr Gallery) and in my build phases added it as a target dependency (so it's builds every time my app builds).

I don't think there was anything more complex I did than this, and it works fine.
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