kellan 2:22am, 9 April 2008
Just a heads up.

API methods which take an "extras" argument now have a new extra type, "media". Passing "media" as as extras argument will add media="photo" or media="video" to the returned photo elements.

Additionally takes an argument "media" that defaults to "all" but can also be set to "photos" or "videos" to filter results by media type.
scubapup 11 years ago
thanks for the tip
kalebdf 11 years ago
How do we get the preview image for the video?

Is it just a thumbnail using the same way we have been creating photo urls using the secret and other things passed back in
Is there any way of finding this info out without calling xxx.getInfo or something of that nature?

Thank you.

kellan 11 years ago
From our perspective videos are just a funny type of photo, so yeah a preview thumbnail image is constructed just like any other thumbnail (or square, and medium size, or whatever)

The infos available from any method that returns a "standard photo response". (which is to say any method that takes "extras" as an argument)
Silly Luis Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Silly Luis (member) 11 years ago
: For example, this is the photos.getSizes response for one of my vids:

<rsp stat="ok">
<sizes canblog="1" canprint="1" candownload="0">
<size label="Square" width="75" height="75" source="9999999999_s.jpg" url="" />
<size label="Thumbnail" width="100" height="75" source="9999999999_t.jpg" url="" />
<size label="Small" width="240" height="180" source="9999999999_m.jpg" url="" />
<size label="Medium" width="320" height="240" source="9999999999.jpg" url="" />
<size label="Original" width="320" height="240" source="9999999999_o.png" url="" />

As you see, it's treated as if it were just a normal photo.
thomas marban 11 years ago
just tried media=photo in the interestingness call via phpflickr but it doesn't seem to filter. anyone else?
kosso 11 years ago
Good tips.

But the question on everybody's lips is, how can we determine the actual FLV url, so we can pull in to other players and systems etc.

Is an enclosure element in an rss to the flv url too much to ask perchance? :)

go ooon! ;)

pretty please?

with cherries on top?

and beer?
Mark Eichin 11 years ago
Has upload changed yet? doesn't mention media, and content_type is still listed as 1/2/3 for photo/screenshot/other...
wasvel 11 years ago
I tried to upload a video taken with my mobile phone using the existing upload API. At a first try it seems to work, since the video went up to the portal and the flickr website displayed a message saying 'we are processing your video'.

then after a while an error message appeared stating that it was unable to process this video. I am wondering why, since i am using an N70 that records mp4 files, which should be supported...any hint?
blech​ Posted 11 years ago. Edited by blech​ (member) 11 years ago
kosso: I wrote a blog post about how the embed code that you can find on a video page can be used with the API. It's more of an overview than a handholding step by step guide (mainly because I didn't want to try embedding that much HTML into a post on Vox), but it should suffice to get started.

I suspect access to the FLV (and original media?) would be subject to the same limitations as access to original photos, but I didn't get as far as looking at that; the fact I don't have any video uploaded kind of gets in the way there.
Silly Luis Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Silly Luis (member) 11 years ago
With respect to content_type, I guess the discriminant is media="video", i which case contetn_type will be 1/2/3 for movie/screencast/other.

I haven't tried uploads yet, but a replace definitively doesn't work (as was expected): It returns a new error: "video can't be replaced".

You don't need to upload any; there are quite a lot of CC'ed videos in Flickr with which to try. ;-)
kellan Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kellan (admin) 11 years ago
@thomas marban: the filtering was on 'photos' and 'videos' plural. But I've added support for the singular forms.

@kosso: enclosures in RSS soon.

@Mark Eichin: what Silly Luis said.

@wasvel: thats probably a better question for the official bugs thread
kosso 11 years ago
@kellan that IS great news. thank you.

I pay for this service after all. :))

@blech ermm.. they're MY videos :)
kosso 11 years ago
@kellan : will this be to the flv? Or a SWF of your player? thx

(flv MUCH preferred)

kellan 11 years ago
SWFs are in the feeds as of last night, both in the MediaRSS elements, and as enclosures in RSS2.0.

We're looking at how to expose the FLVs in both the API and the feeds. Currently they don't have stable URIs so aren't terribly useful. Can't really give you a timeline other then we're looking at it.
kellan 11 years ago
I'm taking a quick survey to see if is going to break anyone's code.

Got an opinion?
Silly Luis Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Silly Luis (member) 11 years ago
Not mine; my code always checks the sizes it needs. Though I'll look again, just in case...

edit: I did a test run on my apps with a simulated response and nothing barked at me, so it's all right. :-)

BTW, are you planning to expose the original video too?
kosso 11 years ago
Hi Kellan,

I see that the enclosure link in the RSS2.0 feeds now have a url to the SWF player, but every time I try to access this SWF, wither directly, or via another Flash file, the player appears with the message "This video is no longer available on Flickr."

erm...? :)

kellan 11 years ago
Kosso, you'd see that if you were trying to watch a private video and not including the secret or not properly unescaping the escaped ampersand in the SWF url (and consquently not sending the photo id)
kosso Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kosso (member) 11 years ago
Ahhh! Gotcha! Thanks. The old unescaping ampersand trick, eh?

Also, another question: It appears that it's not possible to upload an FLV file.

Any chance of allowing this? (As I have a system which creates FLV - and will have a time limit feature) - which can auto-crosspost to a member's flickr account. (It currently supports photos and I'd love to add videos to the mix)

Thanks for getting back to me so soon! :)

Top banana!
Kosso :)
joncowan Posted 11 years ago. Edited by joncowan (member) 11 years ago
Can somebody help me build the url for the SWF file? I am having trouble getting all the pieces together.

What is the proper format for the url?

I have been trying:


Am I way off here?

kellan 11 years ago
I've added a blog post on working with video in the API, hopefully its coherent enough to make things clearer, and not more muddled.
wduff2 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by wduff2 (member) 10 years ago
Any thoughts on adding something to the flickr.people.getUploadStatus call to return if a given user is able to upload video?

I know the videos are a new feature, so this would help older apps (that might have hardcoded a check to see if a user was pro before allowing video uploads) if Flickr ever expanded the ability to upload videos to non-pro users.
feikevisser 10 years ago
Is there any way to load the swf into a Flex-application.
Because the domain is, I am getting the sandbox-errors (no crossdomain-file there).

Anyway to access the swf from another location?
sharda s patel 10 years ago
Hi I am able to upload photo in flickr using api

but not able to upload video .
IS API is supporting for video upload??? . as i had seen there is no updation on api regarding video .
could u please help me to upload video .
Silly Luis 10 years ago
sharda s patel : You should be able to upload videos the same way than photos; just make sure you're using using the correct media type. One thing to take into account is that video processing can take a lot more time than image processing, though that shouldn't affect you significantly.

wduff2 : Just check whether the account you're dealing with is a *pro* one.
pr1001 10 years ago
Like kosso I would like to be able to upload FLV files. Can we expect this soon? If not, is there any particular reason why?
smithjenya 10 years ago

I try to get only the videos from a specific group (I search by group ID and media='videos') but I receive all the photos. ??
smithjenya 10 years ago
Someone? =(
Silly Luis 10 years ago
Which group?
m0o 10 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to add video upload support to my application. However, I'm getting error code 5 (Filetype was not recognised), and I'm not sure why. I know the movie works with Flickr since I've had someone else upload it using a different uploader on their pro account. Photos are uploaded fine. Any suggestions? (Here's the request that gets sent, captured with Charles)

Also, are pro accounts available for developers? It would be a lot easier to test things with one.

scubapup 10 years ago
pro accounts are available to everyone, you just have to buy them
Silly Luis 10 years ago
And that's probably why you're getting the error: only *pro* accounts admit video.
m0o 10 years ago
Silly Luis: I thought that might be, but it's a strange error to be throwing (there are more appropriate error messages). That's also why I asked about free pro accounts for developers - intuitively, it would be a good idea to support API developers who bring in more users. I'm not going to pay for the privilege of doing development for Flickr, though.
smithjenya 10 years ago
Sorry about the delay =)

It happens in any group.
aaronanderson7 10 years ago
@kellan : is the case still 'We don’t currently provide a way to get to the FLV for a video'? because I would really appreciate getting access to either swfs or flvs (I am using the flickr api to bring photos, and hopefully video as well, into flash content)
feikevisser 10 years ago

Any news on my question regarding getting the swf...?

Seems that there is low activity regarding answering questions?, is this the right way to ask questions.

WarAxe 10 years ago
prajun00 10 years ago
I seem to be getting the following error code and message back while trying to upload a video for a non-pro account .

error code - 4: Filesize was zero.

Is that a reliable error code to depend on to distinguish non-pro vs pro accounts ? Or is there a better solution for it such as knowing the account type of a user before submitting a video upload?
Silly Luis 10 years ago
prajun00 I'm not sure what's returned when trying to upload a video to a free account (this previous post seems to suggest it's "5-Filetype was not recognised") but the particular one you're getting is usually a good clue of a malformed HTTP/POST

As to your question, the best way, IMHO, to know if you can upload a video is to call flickr.people.getUploadStatus before the upload, since that call will tell you not only whether the user is pro os not, but also the max file size you should try to send up and if the user has run out of monthly allowance.
myang1969 10 years ago
Hi, all
my desktop app is using Flickr Net to upload Video to Flickr website. But, the uploaded .avi file will become a jpg on Flickr website. Any someone please let me know what's wrong wiht me? Posted 10 years ago. Edited by (member) 10 years ago
Hi all

I'm wondering if there's any way to 'auto-play' a movie that's loaded via the API, i.e. by passing a param to the movie via FlashVars.

Anyone know?

dopiaza 10 years ago
A quick view of the generated source on a video page reveals a flag:

flickr_noAutoPlay=false 10 years ago
Thanks dopiaza, I did come across that, but couldn't get it to work :\

Anyone got this working? 10 years ago
Just to demonstrate, I've set up a test page that uses flickr_noAutoPlay=false here:

The video doesn't auto-play.

It'd be nice to do this, I think. Anyone know how?

-- I'll stop spamming now :) 10 years ago
Yay, got it working!

As well as 'flickr_noAutoPlay=false' you need 'onsite=true' in the FlashVars!

-- I'll stop spamming now. for real. :)
zoopy.zoopy 10 years ago
Is there any projection on when the raw video files will be accessible via API?
cyberhobo 10 years ago
Thanks space.Boy for replying with your answers and leaving your scratch page up - helpful!
mrfranz 10 years ago
So we have flickr_noAutoPlay, onsite and the infobox, any other flashvars that the player will accept?
WarAxe 10 years ago
Any updates on getting the video source URI returned by API method?
Bart CB 9 years ago
I'm working on a personal backup tool and I would like to download my video (avi or swf), but I'm still not able to do it... And I see the last message is now 4 months old, so any progress ?

WarAxe 9 years ago
Spone 9 years ago
I'm also trying to get the FLV file URL from the API. Could you keep us informed about the status of this feature?
akstern Posted 9 years ago. Edited by akstern (member) 9 years ago
Hi , if any needs to use flickr video with any flash player such as JW FLV Media Player or flowplayer , instead of flv can use mp4 format.
I ' using phpFlickr library and the result of getSizes is:
// Array (
//[0] => Array ( [label] => Square [width] => 75 [height] => 75 [source] => [url] => [media] => photo )
//[6] => Array ( [label] => Site MP4 [width] => 320 [height] => 240 [source] => [url] => [media] => video )
//[7] => Array ( [label] => Mobile MP4 [width] => 480 [height] => 360 [source] => [url] => [media] => video ) )

I tried to use $Array [6]['source'] as source of flowplayer and i succeded.
I hope that is usefull for someone.
WarAxe 9 years ago
radam_chin 9 years ago
Hi, i've project hanging on getting the full video urls as well. So, me too!
Sam Judson 9 years ago returns the URL for the MP4 version of the video does it not?
radam_chin Posted 9 years ago. Edited by radam_chin (member) 9 years ago
@Sam Judson Correct, i tried it out and using and the mp4 urls it returns, provides what i need. Thanks.
WarAxe 9 years ago
Oh wait... really? I'll check out the MP4s.
ShenalDevani 7 years ago

I have just started uploading videos to my Flickr account, and added 1 photo and 2 videos to a photoset. When I use the api to call flickr.photosets.getList, it returns 3 photos and 0 videos.

Am I doing something wrong in the video upload or do I need to edit the videos after and change a flag???
Sam Judson 7 years ago
Why are you adding onto a nearly 2 year old topic?

I suspect you are just confused - in the XML even videos are called 'photo'.
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