ayush_gupta 9:52pm, 8 January 2007
We have been plugging away on our application called PowerSnap and now that the alpha version is ready, we’re glad to be sharing this with you all. You can download it here

What is PowerSnap?

PowerSnap is one single application that allows you to
1) Manage all your offline photos
2) Manage your photos on Flickr
3) Send and receive subscriptions (subscribe to a tag/album from a friend and receive photos as he uploads them)
4) Two-way sync between Flickr and your desktop
5) Send and receive photos privately

So in essence, it’s an application to manage your photos, send and receive subscriptions and sync with Flickr. And of course, it’s free.

The user interface for PowerSnap is in Flash and we like to think that it came out pretty slick. PowerSnap is Windows only right now. We hope to get the Mac version out by April. We've spent many red eyed nights developing this application for y'all. We would love to hear what you think. As I said, it's still in Alpha, so we intend to perfect the application as we move along.

We would like to thank Flickr for their culture of openness. It’s such openness that gives way to innovation of the purest kind. An incredibly well thought out API also helps!

The website is www.powersnap.com. Do give it a spin.

- ayush
gigi4791 PRO 10 years ago
Nice application. Can you make it to open exif geotagged photos into Google earth? will be really cool to have that feature:)
ayush_gupta 10 years ago
Thanks Gigi. It would be interesting to be able to right click on a photo and locate on Google Earth :) I'm not sure what kind of integrations Google Earth is open to... will take a look at it.
gigi4791 PRO 10 years ago
I like your application a lot. Some suggestions:) it will be nice to have an option to download my flickr and/or my friend photos in a certain folders (eg backup);
Also, it will be nice to see photo captions/descriptions embedded in IPTC data in full screen mode (now you can see only the title which is also nice)
Good work!
MaleAndOver40 [deleted] 10 years ago
Why does the application open Internet Explorer as a browser when my dfault one is set to be Mozilla Firefox? Is it possible to use the system default browser? Thanks
ayush_gupta Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ayush_gupta (member) 10 years ago
@Gigi: You'll be able to see all the metadata for a photo in an update pretty soon. The other one is a great suggestion, I'll add it to our list.

@Geo8: That can be really annoying :) It ought to open Firefox and it does for me as my default is Firefox. Will poke around some more on that. Thanks.
Peonza [deleted] 10 years ago
What are the requierments? I install it and then appears a wondow which says allow ... of flash and when I click it doesnt move or work
santojay 10 years ago
@Peonza: Besides telling people that they need to have alteast 256MB in RAM (and a PC since PowerSnap is Windows-Only for now) there are no other system requirements as such.

As soon as you download PowerSnap, it asks you to authorize PowerSnap to access your Flickr account, once you click "Authorize", a browser opens up with a Flickr authorization page. You click authorize there, and come back to the application and click on the "Complete Authorization" button.

It should be pretty straightforward from there on. Please comment if you have further questions, or better still do visit our forum and leave feedback.
santojay 10 years ago
There is a lot more than meets the eye with PowerSnap. The following are some of the Flickr (and related) functions you can do from PowerSnap:

- Upload
- Tag pictures
- Title
- Description
- Remove from Flickr
- Rotate photos
- Add to Set
- Create a new set
- Move from one set to the other
- Subscribe to photos from others
- Send Subscriptions to people
- Manage permissions for all your photos
- View pictures based on permissions
- View pictures based on what's on Flickr versus what's local
- 2-way sync with Flickr
- Send photos privately via Flickr
lumis 10 years ago
yeah i like this so far i would have to say geoTagging would be a real nice plus and since its all flash something like this may be helpful

anyway real nice job
Tom (hmm a rosa tint) 10 years ago
Does this work on a Mac?
santojay 10 years ago
@lumis: Thanks a ton. We have put geo tagging on the list. I'm glad you like it. Try and send subscriptions to poeple you'd want to be intouch with. Its a lot of fun
santojay 10 years ago
@ Tom: A Mac version is expected summer this year.
Codejoy PRO 10 years ago
Doesn't start says i need:
MSVCR71.dll was not found. Reinstalling may fix this problem. Do that, its java based? wants my java jvm...I have both the jdk and the jre on my machine, point it to the jre and it says:
The JVM Found at C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0 is damaged
Please reinstall or define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME to point to an installed JDK or JRE. This not work with java1.6?

willieabrams PRO 9 years ago
Is there a mailing list so that I can be notified when a Mac version is available?
santojay 9 years ago
@Codejoy: Do please use our forum at www.forum.powersnap.com. I am not sure what the issue is you are trying to explain. But the forum is a good place to start, since all our engineers respond to queries there
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