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Little Syncr - Synchronize Photos Between Flickr and Windows

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Rob Burke says:

I use Flickr to host my photos online.

I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Library to manage my photo collection locally.

I want to be able to edit the titles, descriptions and tags of my online images, using a rich interface, even when I'm offline.

Little Syncr
is my little application that synchronizes photo information between my local photos and my flickr photos.

If you're using a Windows PC, Little Syncr will let you:

- Synchronize a directory of local photos with Flickr.
- Modify Titles and Descriptions locally.
- [New] Modify Tag (metadata) information locally.
- [New] Modify an image's Photoset membership locally.
- [New] Modify an image's Visibility locally.

If you also use Digital Image Suite 2006 Library, Little Syncr will let you:

- Modify Tag (metadata) information locally in DIS2006 by painting on Keyword, People and Place Labels.
- Modify an image's Photoset membership locally in DIS2006 by painting on Event Labels.

Little Syncr is in Beta, like everything else these days! It's just something I'm glad to have and I thought I'd share -- so here it is! :)

With kind thanks to Sam Judson for his www.wackylabs.net/, without which Little Syncr wouldn't exist.

Let me know how you get on with this and I'll do my best to sort out the inevitable bugs that crop up :)
Originally posted at 11:52AM, 4 March 2006 PDT (permalink)
Rob Burke edited this topic ages ago.

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Rob Burke says:

I updated Little Syncr today so that you no longer need Digital Image Suite 2006 Library to edit the tag, visibility or photoset information for your photos. You can do it all from Little Syncr!

DIS2006 Library is still by far my favorite tool for managing my photos locally, but now I don't need to jump back and forth as I add finishing touches.
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