Clipr Released

stevex 1:20pm, 15 March 2005
Hi... I wanted an easy way to post bits of the screen to my blog for commenting on software UI and the like... Copying the screen image is easy with OneNote, but getting it onto Flickr was a few steps.

So I created Clipr, which takes what's on the clipboard, and posts it to your blog. Works pretty well, I find.

It's a .NET app written in C# and using the FlickrNet API; Source is there as well.
dusty structure [deleted] 16 years ago
Awesome work. This is the perfect tool for posting screens for the Computer Errors group. I will be using it. Thanks a lot.
Sam Judson 16 years ago
Looks cool.

Any feedback on the Flickr.Net API is welcome!
stevex 16 years ago
Not much to say about the API - A few lines of code was all I needed to do what I needed to do. I probably wouldn't have written Clipr without a .NET Flickr API, so thanks for providing it.
maddox 16 years ago
Hey, thats a SLICK idea. Nice.. i'd like to see something like that for Os X.
IsaacMao 13 years ago
seems it can't work now after Yahoo+flickr account merged.
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