absent ice [deleted] 6:27am, 25 June 2007
Hey we have such a nice community here, I am sure you must have some pre-sets you have created for your workflow (Color temp, color monochrome, camera default raw settings, sharpening, etc). How can we collect these presets in a single place to share them?
Ed Fladung 15 years ago
what a great idea! i'll host 'em.

or we could ask the folks over at O'Reilly's Inside Aperture blog to host them.
Graeme Smith 15 years ago
Preset 1: Sky Enhancer


Saturation 28

Luminance -43
Bakari Chavanu 15 years ago

B: 0.04

G: 0.52

W: 0.92

Nothing special about these numbers, but they typically brighten my my outdoor photos with some added contrast.
absent ice [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by absent ice (member) 15 years ago
Great start, keep them coming, I'll try to post a few later this week. Would be great to get these hosted so we can just d'load them into Aperture. Can presets be exported and imported?
greg.newman 15 years ago
I've got two lean servers, both with 2 terabytes of transfer if we need hosting space for them. Shoot me a flickr mail if it's needed.
Ed Fladung 15 years ago
how do we save presets export em and import em?
TIDY PHOTOGRAPHY Posted 14 years ago. Edited by TIDY PHOTOGRAPHY (member) 14 years ago
here is a little tip/trick for creating your own presets in aperture ... not as quite as simple as lightroom but they work ...

i have almost 30 setup in my preset project ... and am always looking to add more ...
rcksil 14 years ago
I used a combo of Graeme and Bakari's presets and it really helped on a photo I was having problems with. I never thought about combining levels and color. Thanks

Heber Vega Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Heber Vega (member) 13 years ago
Cross Process effect:
(Does not work in every picture, you have to try it first)


1/4: 0.28
3/4: 0.76
W: 1.0


Color Monochrome
252,255,0 (RGB Slider)
Intensity 0.2

Amount 0.80
Size 0.55
Heber Vega Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Heber Vega (member) 13 years ago
Here a couple of examples:
the driver
FrankGuido 14 years ago
anyone have a d300 vibrant preset?
bluebomberx Posted 14 years ago. Edited by bluebomberx (member) 14 years ago
I'll share some Monochrome Mixer presets I keyed in from some Photoshop channel mixer settings that were published in Pop Photo ages ago. A few of the settings that are marked (Exposure) are the settings I found used in Alien Skin's Exposure plug-in. Of course it's not going to give you the same effect – there is a lot more going on in that plug-in than I understand. Sometimes these presets will work as-is, but other times you'll want to tighten up the contrast a little bit.

Agfa 200x: RGB (18, 41, 41)
Agfapan 25: RGB (25, 39, 36)
Agfapan 100: RGB (21, 40, 39)
Agfapan 400: RGB (20, 41, 39)
Fuji Neopan 100 Acros: RGB (46,30,24)
Ilford PanF: RGB (33, 36, 31)
Ilford Delta 100 (Exposure) RGB (26, 39, 35)
Ilford Delta 100 (boosted) RGB (26, 47, 42)
Ilford Delta 100: RGB ( 21, 42, 37)
Ilford FP4: RGB ( 28, 41, 31)
Ilford Delta 400: RGB (22, 42, 36)
Ilford Deltra 400 Pro: RGB (21, 36, 33)
Ilford HP5: RGB (27, 37, 40)
Kodak Tmax 100: RGB (24, 37, 39)
Kodak Tmax 400: RGB (27, 36, 37)
Kodak Tri-X: RGB (25, 35, 40)
Kodak Tri-X 400 (Exposure): RGB (35, 28, 37)
Normal Contrast: RGB (31, 33, 30)
High Contrast: RGB (40, 34, 60)
bluebomberx 14 years ago
What looks fine in color isn't always so with these presets. The b/w could use some more contrast, but it's a jumping off point.


Agfapan 25 Preset and Sepia Tone at 0.2

i would kill for an alien skin exposure plugin, but alas it is not to be anytime soon ...
TIDY PHOTOGRAPHY Posted 14 years ago. Edited by TIDY PHOTOGRAPHY (member) 14 years ago
funny that you post those b&w presets ...

i had posted this on my blog long time ago and was just going thru them and updating into an image preset complete with contrast and levels enhancements ...
ibelieveican 14 years ago
I am sooooo new I have no idea what you are talking about...! I love it.

Well I kinda know but not really, I will get there and come back to follow this thread...

bluebomberx 14 years ago
too funny ... i knew i found them somewhere, but couldn't remember where ... still can't ...

wonder if that was it ...
rcksil 14 years ago
Thanks a lot! You guys are going to make me play with B&W's . I remember with film, I used to play with it because it was sooooo easy to develop and work with. Now I have to find some Orange Crush too!
you liked the Orange Crush I take it ...
rcksil 14 years ago
Not bad. I even found your Photolog interesting.
So what is the best way to do B&W's in Aperture. I am assuming that all you do is Desaturate and go from there. Yes, No or HAHAHAHA
The Taleteller 14 years ago
I tend not to use presets since i feel every picture, sometimes even the ones taken in continuous shots, require special attention. If I do apply presets to a special image, it will eventually irk me, and i'd remove all the adjustments to do it yet again, but specifically for that picture. Hehe, i'm picky.

I'd love to try some of these though - as for B&W, the monochrome mixer does it for me. I tend to bump the blues slightly, and lessen the reds - tends to bring out the details in most portraits. Also, I'd use the 'highlights and shadows' brick, and increase the 'mid contrast' but since the latest version of Aperture has a bug in that brick, I refrain from it a bit.

One such processed picture as described above is this:

My Little Geisha
wa6es - thanks ... i NEVER desaturate, i use the monochrome mixer if in aperture, channel mixer in photoshop or alien skin's exposure PS plugin ...

thirleby - i totally agree that each image needs its own TLC, but for me the preset are my jumping off point ... cause no two images are exactly the same ...
btw if anyone is interested in my preset project, feel free to email me ...

share the love and all ...
boring door [deleted] 13 years ago
Hi All,

Has anyone got anywhere with hosting some Presets Projects. I have the one from Ian Wood but it would be great to get some more
mine has over 60 images in it now ... will gladly share the wealth ... drop me a line ...
outgoing month [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by outgoing month (member) 13 years ago
I am a beginner and use one preset in Enhance:
Contrast 0.5
definition 0.50
Saturation 1.10
Shaloot 13 years ago
completely lost... still have a lot of learning to do!
outgoing month [deleted] 13 years ago
I love the tutorials on the Apple website, I am on my second viewing of all of them.

I think the important thing for beginners is not to have too many balls in the air at once.

For me the basic balls I play with are:
Exposure slider - I tend to hit the auto exposure then adjust the slider
Recovery and black point

I just learned to create a Preset in Enhance for Contrast, Saturation, Definition. When import a bunch of photos I can select that preset, do a lift and stamp to all the photos and then start working them individually if needed.
Lefebvre de Saboya Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Lefebvre de Saboya (member) 13 years ago
You can find a nice discussion about presets here:

For portuguese or brazilian users, you can find a tutorial about it in my site:

I hope this will help.
tychay 12 years ago
gabrielponzanelli 12 years ago
I just posted 3 Black & White presets for Aperture 3 over at my blog.

Free to download and I posted some images to show the effect.
Aperture Presets 12 years ago
Michael Comeau 12 years ago
Hi all, I have a page on my blog devoted to free Aperture presets:
ordinary horn [deleted] 12 years ago
Where can I download the Black and White films, Aperture Assistant, Flickr Users Presets and Simonvale Presets?
axiomatic stranger [deleted] 12 years ago
I thought everyone would like to know that I have started a preset sharing community for Aperture and Lightroom. All presets are free and you can upload your own:
Groups Beta