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tychay ADMIN October 21, 2010
Aperture 3.1 update is out!, tons of bugfixes and much improved speed!

Aperture 3 is out! Remember there is a free 30 day trial for new users.

Group Description

Using Apple’s Aperture software.

Think of Aperture as “Final Cut Pro” for photographers. See that green cast? That’s the envy in the PC World. Nothing a little eyedropper tool in Aperture and Core Image won’t fix.

The current version of Aperture is 3.1. Aperture 3.0 retails for $199. Remember, that there is an education price of $149. Upgrades from Aperture 2.0 are $99

List of supported RAW file formats.
Click here to report bugs and feature requests to Apple.
List of supported computers. (discussion)

Version and features:
Version 3.1
- performance enhancements
- support for multiple flickr/facebook accounts, sync exising albums, post to stream/wall, etc. in iLife '11
- tags now show counts
- photos now show shares
- bug fixes

Version 3.0.1
- bug fixes

Version 3.0:
- 64-bit for Snow Leopard
- support for video and audio asset management
- library switching, syncing and sharing
- labels and flags
- xmp sidecar support
- face recognition and places (GPS)
- facebook and flickr integration
- improved presets, brushes, slideshow, full screen, printing…
- more raw support + more

Version 2.1:
- editing plugin architecture
- dodge and burn "sample" plugin

Version 2.0:
- new interface
- performance improvements
- improved RAW
- 100 new features

Version 1.5:
- Export plugin support!
- referenced master support (instead of managed)
- image previews
- drag and drop JPEG export
- improved metadata export
- enhanced loupe
- improved adjustment presets (including saving RAW fine tuning)
- new color controls
- new Edge Sharpening controls
- improved Lift & Stamp HUD
- Autofill List Editor
- Enhanced AppleScript support

Version 1.1
- improvements in RAW processing
- a new RAW workflow
- universal binary (Intel) support
- lower prices with rebates for existing users.

Related tools:
- FlickrExport for Aperture (there is also a free version, Aperture 3 compatibility, 64-bit compatibility)
- BorderFx >64-bit compatibility (free/donationware)
- nik plugins (DFine, Viveza, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, and Sharpener Pro)
- Maperture (free) and Maperture Pro
- Catapult allows using an external RAW converter (like Nikon Capture or DxO Optics Pro) with Aperture.
- Topaz Fusion Express allows you to access Topaz plugins from Aperture
- Photomatix Pro (Aperture 3 compat)
- Noise Ninja denoising tool
- Human Software Plugins
- (send the admins a message to add your tool)

Other FAQs
- Web Resources
- Cheat sheets
- Tethered shooting in Aperture 2
- Geocoding in Aperture (also see Maperture above)
- Watermarking
- HDR and Aperture
- Working with black and white
- screencast tutorials
- Before/After Aperture samples.
- How to fix finniky Aperture behavior.

Thanks somonevitale for the group icon.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 10 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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