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Share your love for the stars!
I'm Francesco from Italy. Nice to meet you!
Orion is one of my preferred constellations.
See you soon on Flickr!
Taha Tebyani 8 years ago
Hi !
I'm Taha Tebyani from Iran , I love Photography and also astrophotography , thanks for creating this group .
Majeed Yousef 8 years ago
Im Majeed from Saudi,
Nice to be here.
Orion is one of my favorite constellations
wisze PRO 8 years ago
This group is a nice idea. It is only just that the most beautiful constellation should have its own group.
I'm Edwin from the Netherland and I should take more photos of Orion.
economic swing [deleted] 8 years ago

I'm from East Sussex in the UK. I'm studying astronomy and planetary science as part of a Physical Science degree at the Open University. The night sky still takes my breath away... I like Orion 'cos it's easy to find :)
Ben Jarvis 01 7 years ago
I'm Ben, space geek (recently)turned astrophotographer... based in Suffolk in the UK.

Ever since I first saw an image of it, have been in love with the Orion nebula... took up astrophotography recently and have begun by shooting M42 as an obvious, easy and spectacular first target.

Aiming to try and do it a bit more justice with some new images as soon as we have some clear skies in the UK!

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