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Orkakorak ADMIN July 1, 2013
Welcome to Anything Goes Challenge Group. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

Everyone please remember to vote for the quality of the photo and not the photographer.
Please invite your friends and contacts. The more the merrier!!!
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Group Description

Do not post photos to our group pool unless you have an invitation. They will be deleted immediately.

Multi level General Challenge Group
AGCG is a multi-level Awards winning Challenge Group.
The incrementation of the medals earned are as follows:

AGCG Basic Award for challenges 0, 1 - 8, 15
AGCG Basic Sweep Award for challenges 0, 1 - 8, 15 that win by a SWEEP!
SWEEP!Challenge Award for challenge #9
MEGA Challenge Award for challenge #10
Crème de la crème Challenge! Award for challenge #11
Crème of the Crop Challenge! Award for challenge #12
Diamond Heart Challenge Award for challenge #13 (Monthly)
ICON Challenge Award for challenge #14 (Monthly)

New to AGCG? Please introduce yourself.
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#14 - ICON Challenge! - January 2016
Congratulations on your win! buddhadog
A  Blue Circular Design in Textured Cloth -:- 4713

#13 - Diamond Heart Challenge - January 2016
Congratulations on your win! VisionsBySuzanne
Ethereal Morning Mist.

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Thank you.

To Invite a member, please copy the non graphic version between the lines, this code in a comment box of your friends and contacts:

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<b> We'd love to see your beautiful photo compete in one of our four challenge groups! Come and Join the Fun!!!</b>

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<img src="https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5012/5474917569_6f80afa32d.jpg" /">
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We'd love to see your beautiful photo compete in one of our four challenge groups! Come and Join the Fun!!!

Anything Goes! Challenge Group

I Spy! Challenge Game Group

Show Biz Challenge Group

Transcending Challenge Group

Graphic version invitation to the four challenge groups if found at the bottom of this front page

Due to a lot of extra work required Non Share Photos and non buddy icons will no longer be posted on the front page
Due to the variance of ages that share this challenge group and that we are family friendly, we ask that going forward that we ALL refrain from posting anything that shows any form of nudity including babies to adults. Nudity is a subjective form of art but in lieu of the fact that we do have young children at an impressionable age viewing these images we ask you to comply with this guideline. Any and all nudity based images will be removed from any of the challenges immediately, no questions asked.

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New Comment Code
Copy the code below between the dotted lines and post it to the comment box of your favorite photo in Anything Goes! Challenge Group:
<a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/anything-goes-challenge-group/><img src="https://farm7.static.flickr.com/6207/6064075429_eef34f2d5a.jpg" width="160" height="240" alt="As seen in AGCG;quot ></a>
Seen at: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/anything-goes-challenge-group/">Anything Goes! Challenge Group</a>
Looks like this:
As seen in AGCG;quot

Seen at: Anything Goes! Challenge Group

Some of our recent winners are displayed below. Below the photos are the basic rules of our forum. Good luck, play fair and have fun.

New Member Winner of the Week

Please note that if you want your winning photos to be posted in our front page please enable your "Share this." Sorry, but due to the smaller size of the non-sharable photos, they will not be posted.

#12 - Crème of the Crop Challenge! Winner
Contradition_Escher_3125123_1 SWEEP!

#11 - Crème de la crème Challenge! Winner
Autumn sunset

#10 - MEGA Challenge Winner
href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/34085573@N07/22720717456/in/pool-anything-goes-challenge-group|34085573@N07" title="Sylt">Sylt

#9 - SWEEP!Challenge Winner
New kid on the block SWEEP!

#1 - I Spy Challenge Winner

#1 - 10 SWEEP! Winners
Enjoying the view

Walking in the Snow


London 2015

Boxer Cross 081114  IMG_6424-2

Kyoto 2015

il tronchetto della felicità

London 2014

Gujarat 2014

El Capitan in the Fog

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