efficient cars [deleted] 12:41am, 22 May 2009
This group seems like it gets pictures added to the pool all the time and like a lot of people join, yet the newest discussion was added to three weeks ago.


Who loves animations or loves to make them? What kind of animations do you make/love? Do you work for any company/group or are you independent?

retropencils 9 years ago
I love animation! :-) lol
efficient cars [deleted] 9 years ago
I do too. :3
Tina Banda PRO 9 years ago
as a viewer, I like watching all types of animation, but as a filmmaker, I am most interested in working with stop-motion. I am just starting out and plan to take some courses next Fall. I do have one film that I completed in 2002 that went to several festivals but it, and the computer equipment I purchased in order to edit it, took a bit of money, so I am only just jumping back into now. sometimes, you have to allow yourself a little recovery time between films.

some of my favorite animators:
The Brothers Quay
Henry Selick
Johnny_Lively 9 years ago
I love all kinds!

When I was younger I wanted to be an animator :3

When I got older I started making short little cartoons on my computer. I used to use cut and paste to make each individual cell and then put it all together in windows movie maker. It was MADDENING!!! I spent 6 months on a 7 min short cartoon. I used to think they were cool but now I look at them and think... STUPID!! >_<

I like making simple drawings and painting though and for the time... will stick with just that.... sometimes though... I miss watching something I made move around on a screen.
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