caffeineandpixels PRO 11:02pm, 25 January 2008
trfcnte™ 10 years ago
oh really?!
ian_animator 10 years ago
yes I did know that. I did some for someone and tested on flicker, but that was a job and not open to viewing now,

Out of interest what software do people use to create their gifs. I generally just use Flash
aback account [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by aback account (member) 10 years ago
I sometimes use Adobe image ready, works fine! (only for short animations though...)

(P.S. join and link all your films/animations!)
caffeineandpixels PRO 10 years ago
Yeah, the old Photoshop has ImageReady. Now Photoshop Extended has a ton of new animation features.
aletteke 10 years ago
posted in the comments section animated gifs show as they should, even if you adjust their size by changing the HTML code when you paste.

aletteke 10 years ago
to make gifs I use the animation add-on which comes with JASC Paint Shop Pro (I still use versions 4 and 7), better memory economy for older computers.It handles AVI as well and you can drag and drop images. When it comes to sound I import the exported AVI file into Videowave and add sound and convert the AVI or MPEG to Flash using a converter
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