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wedgeh PRO 5:35pm, 27 December 2007

Is anyone here really really good at after effects and can offer me some help/advice/tips on it? I've been given 10 days to make a 30 second animation on something bland and every day and it has to be in after effects yet I've only been taught how to do a walk in it, with no background.
Now I have 4 different angles of my character and 2 backgrounds and I have no idea how I'm going to do it. I spent 13 hours on it yesterday and I don't even have a second's worth of footage, great, eh?

First of all... can you use your background and objects when you're animating the character? As I can only do them seperately then I realise the things are in the wrong place when I play them back...

Can you change character during the footage... like I need to have her walk, then have her with her back to the viewer, but I can only get them in there at the same time or not at all.

Can you change the background during the footage? I need to have her walk through a door and into another room.

Can you have the camera zoom into something specific then out again, during the animation?

Any help at all would be just brilliant! Thank you!
+PILAR+ 10 years ago
Hi, all the things you asked, you can do the in after effects, you just may need to pre-compose and then edit your animation.
Pre-composing helps you to have your project in order.
You can move everything at the same time, also if you have a animation in you pre-compositions you can add them aditional animations or effects in the final composition.
Cameras you can do wathever you want, while you move everything else, have in mind it's just a camera that moves throug the compo, dont forget to set your layers to 3D and put the keyframes, otherwise you'll lose work.
If you need more help you can flickrmail-me.

In the "motion graphics feedback" topic, there are some links, there you can find a section with after effects tutorials.
wedgeh PRO 10 years ago
Thank you thank you thank you!
caffeineandpixels PRO 10 years ago
Try asking at, in the After Effects forum:
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