jeff pak 10:32am, 10 December 2007
these are just some animations i made with flash. i just started to use flash so they're not all crazy.. sorry :(

tell me what you think
ian_animator 10 years ago
First one:

Obviously very basic and not sure about some of your decisions.

Flash allows you instant playback so it's hard to understand why you didn't fuss over the dynamics of the movement. Must be the slowest moving bullet in the world!

Also to add impact when the gun fires why not add a little recoil, speed up the bullet get a reaction from the victim (by tilting back a little on impact then back to norm then off screen faster add a north south shake as he hits the floor off screen).

Save a copy then try again thinking about the dynamics, what makes a film (or cartoon) work. Think about camera moves, shakes zooms. All of this can make a huge difference to the impact on a movie.
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