ancient chickens [deleted] 4:19pm, 10 December 2007

Great to see that more people use there Flickr-page to show there animations. Good stuff!!
I'm trying to learn all about animation. I think this group could be very helpful. So which animations do you think I must see as a beginning animator?

(see here some of my animations: )
+PILAR+ 11 years ago
I think you should watch all kinds of animations you like. Here's one that has that "drawing line" look, enjoy.
aletteke 10 years ago
You can learn as much from a good animation as a bad one, watch them all. I love old warner brothers (1950-68 esp.), Mighty Mouse, Felix the Cat, and I think Southpark is brilliant. it always amazes me with the fewest lines the most emotional content, that to me is genius.
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