+PILAR+ 6:03pm, 26 April 2007
This is one of the most amazing animation I´ve seen, it´s a segment of a movie called "AACHI AND SSIPAK".

P-Shinobi 11 years ago
That was simply the coolest thing i have ever seen!!!
P-Shinobi 11 years ago

enjoy thats all that needs to be said :)
+PILAR+ 11 years ago
cool! you also gave me an idea : )
iamacosmonaut 11 years ago
My two favorite animations at the moment are Death note and Ergo proxy. You should check them out.
P-Shinobi 11 years ago
seen both love them :)
dal.tadka 11 years ago
my all time favourite is ' when the day breaks ' by wendy tilby....sometime back it used to be accesable on youtube but now NBC has asked them to remove it because of the copyrite issues....anyhows...its really a wonder
+PILAR+ Posted 11 years ago. Edited by +PILAR+ (admin) 11 years ago
Rock Lee es uno de los personajes mejor animados en una serie de TV......hebrio ó sobrio:

Rock Lee is one of the best animated characters in a TV series.....drunk or sober:
Rubén Romero 11 years ago
Rock lee rocks
d-ale 11 years ago
yea i saw aachi at the ottawa fest this year, incredible
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