Koffiemetkoek 3:11pm, 22 February 2006
Welcom here!

Just like to know why you like to make photo's off signs.
I just started it some years ago with 4 friend. For the fun. Now I just like the animal signs to much.
Ivo Stad & Land 12 years ago
Because of you!!!!!!!!!!!!
rogiro 12 years ago
Good idea, to start this group! I only started to photograph them, because I came across one. I will pay good attention in the future if I see any.
BenODen 12 years ago
It's a pitty, deer are the only thing crossing our roads that they will make a sign for in my part of the world.. And that's even a good 30 or 40 miles from me.
Karo the Rölchen 12 years ago
there are so many awesome road signs out there^^
Uncle Fishbits 11 years ago
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