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arievergreen ADMIN September 13, 2011
Welcome, new members! If you haven't yet, please go vegan!

Group Description

There are enough groups on Flickr for people who think some animals are cute and others are dinner. Animal Rights is for vegan, anti-speciesist, animal rights thinkers, readers and activists -- share your protest, outreach and rescue photos, shots of non-human animal discrimination and exploitation, animal rights-related art/graphics/altered signs/graffiti, and anything else of interest to animal rights advocates.

This group shows all aspects of animal advocacy - we are a very diverse community. Let's be respectful of each other's differences.

Speciesism, veganism and animal rights

Speciesism is a bias toward one's own species, and is just as indefensible as racism, sexism or any other prejudice. The logical extension of this idea is that we must give the same consideration to animals that we give to humans.

Veganism is a term coined in 1944 by Donald Watson. It means to abstain from exploiting other species for one's own benefit, i.e., not using animals for food, clothing, entertainment or experimentation (directly or indirectly). Today there are vegans all over the world, and it's a very diverse community. Some folks say they're vegan for health or environmental reasons, some say veganism is all about compassion for animals. Many vegans also avoid sweatshop labor and other things that violate human rights, as well as animal rights. Some folks who may identify as vegan may still use bees' honey and wax, or other animal products - while other vegans would say that's not vegan. Going vegan is a process, not an on-off switch, so we're all at different stages. But what brings us all together is our efforts to cause as little harm and as most good as we can, for other species as well as our own.

Animal rights is just that, rights for our fellow animals. Animals have very few rights that are recognized by humans, and those that are recognized are generally not recognized with any consistency (Are cows sacred or designed for mass slaughter? Are dogs pseudo-children or a tasty dinner? Are rats pests, pets, or scientific research tools?) Animal rights activists are working toward a world where animals' interests will be acknowledged and respected - that is, we don't want non-humans to be able to vote, just to be allowed to live in peace, in as natural and free a state as is possible.

For more information about animal rights, speciesism, and veganism, read Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach (PDF), Why Vegan, and/or Respecting Animals Means Going Vegan.


This group is invitation-only, meaning that when you try to join, we'll need to approve you. If it's not immediately obvious from your profile, photosets and the other groups you're in that you're pro-animal rights, or if you've got photos that depict animal cruelty and/or speciesism in an *uncritical* and/or positive light (eggs for breakfast, making horses do tricks, a new purebred puppy you got from a breeder, etc.), we will not approve your membership. You can try to join again, but you will likely not be approved unless you add something prominent to your profile or group memberships to indicate that you are an ally to animals.

If you're vegan and/or an animal rights activist, we'll be glad to have you join. You don't have to be a vegan, but you should be moving in that direction, and ready and willing to discuss these issues without being disrespectful to animals. We're looking for people who are thinking critically about the exploitation of animals.



Sobre derechos animales

Hay suficientes grupos en Flickr para personas que piensan que algunos animales son lindos y otros son cena. Derechos animales es para veganos, anti-especistas y partidarios de los derechos animales., pensadores, lectores y activistas – comparte tu protesta, alcance y fotos de rescates, discriminación y explotación de animales no humanos, arte/graffiti/señales relacionadas con derechos animales y cualquier otra cosa de interés para las defensores de los derechos animales.

Especismo es un bias hacia la propia especie, y es tan indefendible como el racismo, el sexismo o cualquier otro tipo de prejuicio. La extensión lógica de esta idea es que tenemos que dar la misma consideración a los animales que damos a los seres humanos.

Veganismo es un término acuñado en 1944 por Donald Watson. Esto significa abstenerse de la explotación de otras especies para nuestro propio beneficio, es decir, no utilizar animales para alimentación, ropa, entretenimiento o experimentación (directa o indirectamente). Hoy en día existen veganos en todo el mundo, y es una comunidad muy diversa. Algunas personas dicen que son veganos por razones de salud o ambientales, algunos dicen que el veganismo es todo acerca de la compasión por los animales. Muchos veganos también evitan mano de obra forzada y otras formas de explotación que violan los derechos humanos, así como los derechos de los animales. Algunas personas que se consideran veganas todavía utilizan miel de abeja o cera, u otros productos de origen animal - mientras que algunos veganos dirían que esto no es vegano., ser vegano es un proceso, no un interruptor de encendido y apagado, por lo que todos estamos en diferentes etapas. Pero lo qué nos asemeja a todos es nuestro esfuerzo por causar el mínimo daño y hacer el mayor bien que podamos a otras especies así como a la nuestra.

Los derechos de los animales es sólo eso, los derechos de nuestros compañeros animales. Los animales tienen muy pocos derechos que son reconocidos por los seres humanos, y los que se reconocen por lo general lo son de forma inconsistente (¿Son las vacas sagradas o hechas para masacre en masa? Son los perros pseudo-niños o una sabrosa cena? Son las ratas una plaga, animales domésticos, o herramientas para la investigación científica? activistas de los derechos de los animales están trabajando por un mundo donde los intereses de los animales serán reconocidos y respetados - es decir, no queremos que los animales no humanos tengan derecho al sufragio, sólo que se les permita vivir en paz, en forma natural y en un estado libre hasta como sea posible.

Para obtener más información acerca de los derechos de los animales, especismo, y veganismo, lea Derechos Animales: El Enfoque Abolicionista (PDF) y ¿Por qué vegano? (PDF).



Sunt destule grupuri pe Flickr pentru oameni care cred ca unele animale sunt dragute... iar unele animale sunt de mancat. Acest grup este pentru vegetarieni, iubitori de animale, oameni pe care ii intereseaza drepturile animalelor, imparte cu ceilalti poze cu protestul tau, cu animale pe care le-ai salvat, imagini cu discriminarea si exploatarea animalelor, desene, schite, semne si orice altceva ce are legatura cu drepturile animalelor.

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