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wenlindee PRO 4:29pm, 10 December 2008
I am not sure if this topic has been talked about before, but I was wondering what is the best first book to buy about Andy? I am just learning about him and I want to find the best book that talks about him and his artwork. Thank you! ^___^
~Brando~ 10 years ago
Biography wise, Victor Bockris has written a couple hefty books about Andy Warhol. One called 'Andy Warhol', and one called 'Life and Death of Andy Warhol'. I guess one of them is a good place to start!

There is also of course 'From A to B and back Again' The philosophy of Andy Warhol, by Andy himself.

There are so many Warhol books though and I'm sure others will have different suggestions.

The first ever book to do with him that I read was 'The Diaries of Andy Warhol'. That was a fair few years ago now.
wenlindee PRO 10 years ago
Okay, thank you :D
*AnalogKiD* 9 years ago
hello ;-)

Now i reading my first Andy Warhol book too and its From a to b and back. I like the book

Yes have a nice day
BoringPostcards PRO 9 years ago
I very much recommend the Bockris books. "The Life & Death of Andy Warhol" is excellent.
Beyond Sweet PRO 9 years ago
great topic! i am going to check some of these books out :)
cheriewarhol 9 years ago
"The Life & Death of Andy Warhol" Victor Bockris is a must read!! There are alot of great movies and dvd's as well the complete picture is a double dvd it's great! biography channel also put out a warhol..
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