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jazzy ear October 6, 2008
Welcome to our brand new analog bokeh group! We welcome all analog bokeh photos and will still love the digital ones in other groups :)

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

For all analog photographers, whatever your camera, and film, having those lovely bokeh dapple circles of confusion in your photos. If that's the case, do pool and share.

Would be nice to know what camera and film you used. Totally sharp photos will be removed - sorries :). Also if your camera is digital. -Please explain if your exif data is inaccurate (if you took a digital shot of an analog photo as this happens fairly often) We love digital bokeh all kinds of bokeh actually - smooth, with circles of confusion (those bokeh lights), dapple, etc - but this group is for analog shots. Sorry, absolutely no digital compositions.

Color and bw and tinted all welcome.
Welcome and enjoy!

Group Rules

- No nudity, harassment or grieving. Be nice :)

- Please post analog shots only.

- If you can do specify camera and eventually film used

- If your exif data displays digital camera info please do specify if the shot was taken of an existing printed analog photo with a digital camera. We prefer scans but this is not an obligation :)

- All shots should have visible ouf-of-focus areas, whether in smooth shallow dof bokeh, visible dapple, or circles of confusion (those "bokeh lights").

- Your photos may be removed from the pool without further notice if they are all sharp or digital. We love digital, but this is a film bokeh group. Sorry, absolutely no digital images :)

Now have fun and let's all spiral out in light and softness :)

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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