Rebelarmor 2:01pm, 14 May 2008
Not sure how to post pics from our Station's activities. I opened a Flickr account today. Thanks!!!

Health & Safety Chairperson
Heidelberg Germany Station
American Red Cross 9 years ago
Hi! Just click "join this group" then go back to your photo and click the button at its top that says "Send to Group" and choose American Red Cross.

Good luck. Let me know if you have trouble.
Sheena 2.0™ PRO 9 years ago
Hello Natalie!

How to post your photo to this group:
* Click on your photo in your photostream
* Click on the top button "Send to Groups"
* Scroll down and click on "American Red Cross"
* Click OK once the photo was added to the group.

Alternate Method:

* Click on "Organize" (under the flickr emblem at the top of the page)
* Click in the Your Groups Tab
* Click and drag the picture onto the Icon for the group you wish to post it in (Multiple pics can be added and dragged by pressing CTRL while clicking with your mouse).
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