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Group Description

Howdy! Please be reasonably certain before you post your photo here that somewhere in your photograph there is written English (words, phrases, spelling) that is, or at least once was, unique to the English language as it's used in the United States of America.** If the text you've photographed is culturally American but not linguistically identifiable as American English, please read below for other group options. Thanks!

This group is for photos of written American English-- i.e., words, phrases, spellings, or slang that are generally considered to be identifiably a form of the English language as used primarily and specifically* in the United States.** (If you're unsure which words, terms, and spellings are considered as American English and which aren't, these Wikipedia articles are good places to start.)

The writing in the photos you contribute can be but certainly doesn't need to be standard American English (we love, for example, kozy korners and fly girls), and regional American English is great, too. Please add any photos of American English, no matter if on a sign, in a comic strip, in a letter or book, or anywhere else. And don't worry if only a small part of the writing you photograph is in identifiable American English. It's rare that it'd be any other way. (Try formulating a sentence of decent length exclusively with uniquely American English words and spelling. It's nearly impossible, and it is impossible if you're required to use pronouns, prepositions, or a, an, or the.)

But if what you've photographed seems more just culturally American rather than linguistically American, know that there are other groups more appropriate for such photos, including American Signs, This is America, and other similar groups.

An example of linguistically American English and perfect for this pool: a photo of a sign proclaiming "DOWNTOWN PARKING LOT FOR TRUCKS," even without any trucks! An example of merely culturally American: a photo of an enormous Peterbilt truck with no signage nearby, or next to a sign that says "You will enjoy yourself," or some other writing that's not unique to American English.

*Photos in this group do not need to have been photographed in the United States. Show us a colorful wall in Japan or a sign in the center of Italy, if you've found written American English in those places. Moreover, it's true that it's tough sometimes to know, particularly with slang, if a word or phrase is exclusively American English anymore due to its adoption elsewhere. So just use your best judgment.

**If you're Canadian and offended by not being included above because you were also brought up using many words and slang thought of as American English, please mentally change "United States" to "North America." But if you're offended at the thought that Canadian English is even mentioned in this description, it's not. It's all your imagination.

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