fine swing [deleted] 7:34pm, 13 July 2009
Hi All! I recently joined the group and am excited to see everyone's photos. I was looking through the Discussion threads and noticed that many new members are posting in the discussion thread that they are new and would like tips and advice from others and all that good stuff...

I was just thinking...the name of the group is AMATEUR HOUR...meaning- we are pretty much all new to photography and all want our photos to be looked at and want to be given helpful tips and wondering...why do so many people keep starting new threads talking about the same stuff??

The admins. of the group don't seem to be too active...but I dunno. I was just wondering why people are posting new threads all the time about the same stuff when the group focuses on Amateur Photographers...I'm not trying to be rude or anything. I hope noone gets offended. I just think that the group would be succesful and helpful if people would read other people's posts, and not post the same thing in a new thread. If it's the same idea, post it in the same thread....That way we don't have like a billion threads all saying the same thing :o)
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