youarefierce 6:17am, 23 February 2009
I'm new to photography, and I don't have a Professional camera yet,
I'm saving for one.

so, what do you guys think of my photography?
It's not the best like I said.

-please don't be to harsh D:-
hannah.e.m 9 years ago
pretty good....... i'm kinda new too. check out mine an comment please! =) (because everyone loves comments!)
damp foot [deleted] 9 years ago
I think you are off to a great start!! good job!!
imad1510 9 years ago
u r doin great! nice photos..!
..o..z.. 9 years ago
Pretty good. Spend a little more time on the color correction, and everything will be fine!
chriswsonic357 9 years ago
You're doing pretty good!
©VisualShit 9 years ago
Helloo everybody!
I'm Ameriqa
yes & I'm totally new in this flickr stuff
I love photography
but I'm totally Amateur
so I'm looking foward to make new friends
who actually can express his or her oppinion
so comment my pics & I'll comment back with my opinion
dont be afraid
Possitive or Negative I dont mind
either Negatives are better
cause they make you look at your mistakes
& that might help me a lot

Volarem 8 years ago
I'm really new to photography also so I really can't critique all that well. But I can tell you that I thought your photos are great. Keep up the great work!
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