anna elizabeth 0610 4:27am, 12 February 2009
Hello all! I recently became interested in photography as a way to capture my travels. Please look through my photos and let me know what you think! Here are a few examples

parliament with trees


greasy harmony [deleted] 8 years ago
1. Composition is messed up. I see what idea you were hunting for, but it didn't happen. Try a different angle. At the moment, it seems as if you couldn't get rid of the tree (or didn't see it in your scope). It distracts. Also, try less exposure.

2. Again, composition. What's that thing on the lower left? It shouldn't be in the picture. And so shouldn't the shadow in the lower right. These elements drag viewer's attention away from the main subject. Simplify!

3. Centre the tower and straighten.
moo pa PRO 8 years ago
You have some really good images on your profile page.
abrupt channel [deleted] 8 years ago
I agree, your photo-stream is very nice!
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