laurel_lee 4:15pm, 29 March 2006
our original intentions were to try to comment on everyone's pictures in this group. right now we have more than 103 members and 338 photos. we will view everyone's photos, but everyone may not get a comment on each of their photos. just remember that we are both full-time employees and mothers.

please take the time to review others' photos in the pool, and make comments as you see fit. please remember this is a friendly group so keep them positive. when you're commenting on another person's photo, it would be nice to add the name or a link to this group so they know they are not wasting their time by posting to the group.

also, we would appreciate it if you would tag your photos with the group name.

we don't want too many rules in this group, but these are simply friendly suggestions. we do reserve the right to remove anyone from the group if they become hostile or overly-negative towards other members of the group.
RPG - Photography 12 years ago
yes, i agree comments will help us alot to improve our work specially motivates us to do more and better next time.

I'm too happy i found this group.

Åsta PRO 12 years ago
Hi. I'm new here and it's nice with a group with just enough rules to make it work. I just wonder how you feel about flooding. I was going to comment on pictures in this pool when I had to pass 2-3 whole "pages" of photos from one person. They were all nice, but I must admit I will not comment on any of those - it's something about stage hogs that just isn't attractive, if you know what I mean. Are there any rules - written or unwritten about this here?
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