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Feed back needed Caitlinm123 1 troy.jackman 3 years ago
time for introductions... laurel_lee 44 troy.jackman 3 years ago
Hello everyone!- Research psychology and photography debora_carera 0 debora_carera 4 years ago
Advice, please! The Apprentice 2015 0 The Apprentice 2015 5 years ago
new to the group fumbling month (deleted) 0 fumbling month (deleted) 6 years ago
I feel mediocre hesitant slip (deleted) 2 pleasant soda (deleted) 7 years ago
flickr virgin jamanj6170 0 jamanj6170 7 years ago
I am new to photography, and new to flickr! abrupt channel (deleted) 1 moo paPRO 8 years ago
New to photography - looking for advice and critiques anna elizabeth 0610 3 abrupt channel (deleted) 8 years ago
pls check out my photos and comment on it santitrez 2 moo paPRO 8 years ago
Would appreciate some constructive criticism of my photo’s moo paPRO 2 moo paPRO 8 years ago
Hello! purple scene (deleted) 2 purple scene (deleted) 8 years ago
Please critique greasy harmony (deleted) 0 greasy harmony (deleted) 8 years ago
help! sparkling basket (deleted) 1 Volarem 8 years ago
what do you guys think of my photography? youarefierce 7 Volarem 8 years ago
does the camera define who you are as a photographer? mytidalwaves 9 ..o..z.. 9 years ago
for newbies ..o..z.. 2 fine swing (deleted) 9 years ago
Hello everyone... M2H_ZaiRi89 0 M2H_ZaiRi89 9 years ago
Please check out my photos! hannah.e.m 2 ..o..z.. 9 years ago
Basic Composition fine swing (deleted) 0 fine swing (deleted) 9 years ago
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