cpfeqvpx64 5:57pm, 29 April 2019
Hey guys,

I am using the Neo2 and it works like a charm. I am writing in german however. Sending the text is no problem, my pc will receive the right characters. I also bought stickers for the keyboard to show the right characters.

But seeing the wrong chars on my Neo-screen is bugging me a bit.

My first idea was to use the font editor by unexpected_human (tSoniq) found here:

The problem: I am on windows and I had no luck emulating mac os X without actually stealing it.

Is anyboy able and willing to swap about 13 chars within a standard font for me (and possibly other german users) ?

I am willing to send 10 Euros via Paypal if that adds motivation :)

Char swap List

@ to "

Z to Y

z to y

y to z

Y to Z

: to Ö

; to ö

' to ä

" to Ä

- to ß

_ to ?

[ to ü

{ to Ü

Or am I doing it wrong? Is there an easier way?
stephendore 2 years ago
I'm happy to give this a try! By standard font, do you mean the 4 line font or which one?
bumper314 2 years ago
Here's a good post on how someone created a Russian font:

What interests me is how they matched up the key codes so when Sending text from the Neo, and the PC is in Russian input method, the text comes through correctly.

Do you think it will be enough to do a char swap like you requested, or will you need some sort of text converter on your PC once it's done?
cpfeqvpx64 2 years ago
Sorry, I did not check this thread after the first 5 days :(

Standart font is 4 Lines, yes, could also be the 3 lines size, or one of the new bold fonts created with the editor. You can choose :)

The method I thought of works by basically faking it. I know it works with german keyboard, only the chars on the neo screen are wrong.

Are you still interested?
bumper314 2 years ago
Alright, here's a first attempt using the Neo Large font (4 line):

As for the mapping, when you asked for "- to ß", I just swapped the characters. This might not be what you want. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. If you want any other fonts, I can do them (took about 15 minutes).
cpfeqvpx64 2 years ago
What can I say... It's perfect!

Ill start another thread describing my method as this may be interesting to other users as well.

Thank you very much! Do you have paypal?
cpfeqvpx64 2 years ago
Hey, i just found a small error:

The conversion [ ' to ä ] is not included. Is that an oversight, or is it not possible to change?

Thanks again for your time
bumper314 2 years ago
Probably an oversight, I'll look at it and get you an update.

Also, based on the conversion above, I don't see any way to make the @ (at) character. It looks like I would have to map [ Ä to @ ], but I'm not sure.

Are there any other fonts/sizes you would like converted?
bumper314 2 years ago
Here's an updated version:

Fixed [ ' to ä ] mapping
Added [ Ä to @ ] mapping
cpfeqvpx64 2 years ago
Thanks a lot, I'll test it out as soon as possible!

I have to say, that I do not understand the [Ä to @] mapping.

I had @ in the original mapping and I wanted it replaced with " because shift+2 (alpha2) is " on german keyboards.

To clarifiy: I would not need an '@' character.

There is no original Ä on the neo keyboard, right?
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