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Buckeye. ADMIN August 17, 2018
Please see the group's rules - below.

Moderators are needed NOW - Duties are to watch for and remove any photos that don't follow the group's rules - primarily, those which:
- Do not contain a person, or
- Are overtly sexual, or
- Are of indifferent quality.

Group Description

Photos of people. Posed or spontaneous, candid or not, at work or play or rest, b&w or colour, full-body or part, formal or informal, professional or amateur - the whole works.

Please join in, and enjoy viewing US!

Group Rules

All photos must conform to simple rules:
- The photo MUST contain all or part of a PERSON comprising a PROMINENT (even if very small) part of the image. An actual human person.
- No genitalia or female nipples, nor anything overtly sexual.
- No 'watermarks' unless VERY small and unobtrusive, and no other overprinted text or graphics.
- No wide frames, no fancy frames, no vignetting.

Bonus rule:
- Use common sense.

If the location of your photo is liable to be even remotely interesting (i.e. if it's anywhere apart from a studio), please give it.

This group is not an all-purpose dumping ground for you to boost your views and favorites. It is actively moderated - for the quality of photos submitted as well as for their content - and moderators' decisions on suitability for the group are both subjective and final.

A few guidelines on what the group does not want - though there can be exceptions to all these. In addition to photos excluded by the rules above, the following are liable - in general - to be unacceptable.
- Rear views of people.
- Photos whose composition and impact could easily be improved considerably by some simple cropping (almost every photo you take could benefit - try it).
- Photos that aren't level (you might think a wildly-wonky horizon looks edgy and exciting, but in fact it's just a lazy and unimaginative cliché; and a slightly-wonky one just spoils the photo and shows that you couldn't be bothered to straighten it).
- Poor colour balance (it's easily fixed - fix it).
- Photos looking like random snaps that no thought has gone into.
- Photos that are more (photoshopped or otherwise) manipulated creations than photos.
- A photo that's pretty-similar to another you've submitted: just give us the best one.
- Photos of performers on stage (esp. rock groups, etc.) - they're very numerous and very samey and will be disallowed unless striking/different.

Follow these rules and have fun.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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