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Group Description


The "All Free Pictures" group is the largest and most active group for Creative Commons and Public Domain pictures.

Its main strength is the absolute absence of pictures with "all rights reserved", guaranteed by a bot that moderates the group pool.

This group encourages the use of galleries to award the photos we like from the pool. When you add your favorite pictures to a gallery with the name of the group and share it with the rest:
- You tell the photo owners where the visit came from, helping promote the group
- You reward quality pictures, giving them some extra visibility
- You curate the group pool, helping other members discover interesting pictures
- As a group curator, you are better ranked in the "Most commited members" list and have more pictures included in the award galleries that go along with this feature.

Every month there is a new photo challenge (landscape, portrait, bokeh, black & white…). Feel free to participate!

New to the All Free Pictures group? Introduce yourself here!

Feel like playing? Then you might want to try the Best Free Pictures groups. When you post a photo on one of these groups, the least interesting picture is removed so there is always the same number of images in the pool. As a result, the overall quality of the group pool improves constantly. Depending on the group the limit is 200, 1000, 5000 or 25000. Attention: the pictures you post on these groups will most probably be removed some day. If you are not prepared for this eventuality, the Best Free Pictures are not for you!

Special thanks to our group curators: d Maculate, Marco Roepers, Tee Cee, Brian Evans, Sebnem Gulfidan, Laurent Moose, Roger Nuuk, kuujinbo (-_-'), Rodrigo Valla, Prokura Nepp, John McArthur, Evergreen Studio, Derwisz, pizzodisevo 1937, Niclas Matt, Gianni Del Bufalo, Jose Miguel S, Foto Höhn, Melodie RGB, Mark Gunn

Group keywords Here are the most used keywords in the pictures of the group pool:
nature (16%), landscape (14%), sky (14%), sunset (13%), water (13%), street (12%), blackandwhite (11%), night (10%), clouds (10%), city (10%), blue (10%), sea (10%), tree (9%), winter (9%), architecture (9%), light (9%), green (9%), beach (9%), white (9%), sun (8%), people (8%), red (8%), nikon (8%), autumn (8%), flower (8%), portrait (8%), river (8%), art (8%), black (7%), canon (7%), snow (7%), macro (7%), travel (7%), lake (7%), outdoor (7%), summer (7%), bridge (6%), yellow (6%), reflection (6%), building (6%), church (6%), bird (6%), color (6%), park (6%), animal (6%), forest (6%), urban (6%), mountain (5%), photography (5%), sunrise (5%), spring (5%), france (5%), orange (5%), garden (5%), 2016 (5%), girl (5%), old (5%), boat (5%), bokeh (5%), panorama (5%), road (5%), streetphotography (4%), fall (4%), 2017 (4%), italy (4%), fog (4%), car (4%), woman (4%), rain (4%), dog (4%), germany (4%), grass (4%), window (4%), dark (4%), wood (4%), morning (4%), shadow (4%), leaves (4%), europe (4%), house (4%), train (4%), sand (4%), square (4%), rock (4%), cat (4%), film (4%), plant (4%), beautiful (4%), man (3%), museum (3%), tower (3%), hdr (3%), christmas (3%), moon (3%), pink (3%), silhouette (3%), wildlife (3%), field (3%), ice (3%), spain (3%), statue (3%), skyline (3%), wall (3%), cold (3%), london (3%), music (3%), usa (3%), abstract (3%), evening (3%)

Please don't be mislead by the name of the group: even if none of the pictures have "all rights reserved", you still have to fulfill some requirements to use them. For example, most of the pictures will require you to give the proper credit to the author. Other pictures won't allow a commercial use. Please read carefully the license detail of the pictures you want to use and make sure they are compatible with the use you want to make of them.

This group targets a global, public audience. The safety level is set to “Safe”, which means that “Moderate” and “Restricted” pictures are automatically kept out of the photo pool. However, it is always possible to flag as "Safe" content that isn't appropriate for all publics. If you stumble across a picture that you feel is not suitable for all audiences (specially kids), feel free to click on the “Report Abuse” link that’s available in the footer of the page and/or add a reply to the “Safety issues” topic in the group discussions so I can take it from there.

Logo credit: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (Medal of George III, 1798)

Group Rules

Only free pictures are accepted. Please make sure to license your photos before adding them to the group photo pool. This group will accept all kinds of Public Domain and Creative Commons licenses: Non Derivatives (CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-NC-ND), Non Commercial (CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-NC-SA) and especially Free Culture licenses (Public Domain, CC0, CC-BY and CC-BY-SA). Any material with "all rights reserved" will be deleted.

Only safe pictures, please. No violence, porn or any kind of photos that you would not feel comfortable viewing in the presence of a child.

Play fair and be respectful. Do not delete and repost your photos to keep them in the front pages. Do not block administrators or moderators. Be nice and have fun!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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