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WANTED: Spent 35mm Film Cassettes

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Charles R. Lawson, CPP, AFP - Photographer says:

I have never ceased shooting film since the beginnings of my career in the 90s and am in the process of creating a commemorative piece of artwork recognizing films that have been available over the years.

I am looking for EMPTY 35mm film cartridges (cassettes) that might be rare, old, odd, or discontinued. I am in the USA, so bear in mind there might be films I've never heard of! I am willing to give them back as well! I would accept donations as well as loaners to add to the art piece. Please private message me if you have something you'd like to add to the collection.

On the other hand, I also urge you to send your "less than interesting" spent film cartridges (current films that are readily available, etc) to the Film Photography Project, as they recycle them for their unique hand-loaded films.


Charles R. Lawson, CPP
The Highlander Studios
8:30PM, 3 March 2015 PDT (permalink)

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