cerulean dream * 6:25pm, 27 December 2011

I'm about to purchase a pack of Polaroid Impossible, but I kind of doubt the result since the seller showed me those taken with it aren't very good. Something about the film isn't quite stable enough. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you!
not without my camera(s) PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by not without my camera(s) (member) 6 years ago

film from the Impossible Project is highly overrated and a massive rip-off in my opinion. The pictures have varying quality, and you never know what you will get. Some film packs will result in good quality pictures, others not. Plus the picture will fade over time, so it is a good advice to scan the result immediately after taking the picture, because one day, it will be gone.
So if you are looking for "fun", and indie-kid-scene-points you might like the Impossible film. If you would like to get good results that last a long time and are less unpredictable, and you don't want to spend (read: waste) heaps money on a project that is, indeed, impossible, then you might rather stay away from it. There are alternatives in instant films and cameras.
lister96 6 years ago
the film is meant to be an non-standardized, artist film. They make each pack as a part of a small batch, thus ensuring that the film will maintain individuality within the make date (each box has a make date, telling you now when the film is estimated to expire, but when you're seeing it post-factory.) I feel that the issues with it are not that it's unreliable and tempermental, but that people are not interested enough in trying it out first, and then working with it. Why do we even have groups like All About Film if we as a group cannot even be happy about a new film product meant for experimentation and ingenuity? I think that you need to see it for yourself. Beware that if you want the results you see in Fuji Instax, then stick to that. The whole point of Impossible project is to experiment.

and A.N.K.I., the people making Impossible are the same guys that were around in the 70's working on the original emulsions, and the whole point is unpredictability, that was part of the package deal back then. also, the Indie-Hipster-Scene points thing... that's irrelevant. Beau in Vancouver is a partner store. they're the least hipster lot in the North American Photographic scene. but oh well.

am I the only one that tried it and liked it? jeeze.
inetjoker PRO 6 years ago
Opinion and honesty. Though they are not always the truth they are a persons feeling about a subject or a product.
lister96 6 years ago
martdump Posted 6 years ago. Edited by martdump (member) 6 years ago
here is a link of some try-out stuff with an instant color pack. My opinion (or feeling and taste, see inetjoker comment) it looked very predictable. I went to see the tour in the factory of the impossible mission 2 years ago and listened to the chat afterwards. The manufacturers were still looking to produce quality and admitted they were not there yet. But this was some time ago and I stopped using the film after 3 packs.

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