Eirik0304 PRO 7:32am, 11 August 2011
Surprised I couldn't find this film in any of the discussions. Its not half bad, cheap too. Unlike Lucky it does have an anti-halation layer. But as with most Chinese films in 120 it has black backing paper with white frame numbers, making red window frame advancing difficult in poor light. I use it in my automatic film advance TLR's and SLR's. More grainy than TMX, Delta100 and Acros100 to name a few of the modern ASA 100 films, but not at all bad, and much nicer in structure. Nice tonality too. To start off:

Shanghai GP3 12 on 120, EI 160 w/medium yellow filter, developed in Caffenol-C-M, scanned at home:

inetjoker PRO 7 years ago
One of my favorite films I love it in Rodinal 1-100. I also recently shot a roll with Xtol and loved the results. It is also pushable to E.I. 400 with some care.
Eirik0304 PRO 7 years ago
Thanks Larry. I´ve stocked up on it. I fancy it as my everyday film in MF. In Caffenol its quite robust too.
inetjoker PRO 7 years ago
Well I know you and Caffenol. :-)
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