Scanner Business

Antonia Corke Photography 11:53pm, 19 March 2011
I am planning to buy a £500 scanner for my own use as well as for my 'new business'. I asked on here a few months ago about starting my own darkroom business and got loads of helpful responses and came to the conclusion that most people aren't interested in getting prints from there negatives but want film developed then scanned to digital.

At the moment I'm definately not ready to be developing other peoples films but I would love to start a scanning business. If you are someone who sends off your film to be developed then wants a digital version of your photographs would you be interested in getting the two done separately?

Obviously to compete with the huge companies who do this I'd have to be a lot cheaper. Most these companies charge a lot for scanning a roll of film so would people be prepared to pay a lot less even if that meant the quality wouldn't be quite as good? What price would be considered cheap?

Also would you feel comfortable sending off your film to someone you don't know! What would make you less worried?

Any answers to these questions and general feedback would be really appreciated!

(I live in the UK not in America)
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