Push. Pull.

Sam Wiles 3:15pm, 18 January 2011
Hey, im looking to push/pull some film in the near future and wanted to get some advice on it really! dont know a great deal! if anyones got any images they have shot, post them would be great!

MrDAT 7 years ago
What I do is search flickr photos for something like:

"400H at 200"


"400H at 800"

and usually get my answer / examples.
typical bell [deleted] 7 years ago
I've pushed from 400 to 1600, amazing results ! Here are some images:


Hope it helps.
inetjoker PRO 7 years ago
B&W or Color? You doing the processing yourself? Negative or Slide?

Google is your friend don't be afraid to abuse him.
bDe gNas 7 years ago
I always push Tri-X to 1600 and develop in DDX (1:4) for 14 minutes:

johnmcochran2012 5 years ago
Recently tried that for the first time myself. Didn't go too far: Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros pushed to 200. Used an Olympus Trip 35. Got some encouraging results. Here's one:

Old rail car

Here's another:

Rainy day train ride

Searching Flickr with such phrases as "pushed to 200" or "pushed two stops" or whatever will also turn up examples.
SilverChrome7 5 years ago
Did you push in processing or just underexposed in the camera and developed normally?
Kees van Mansom PRO 5 years ago
Easiest way is to go to the massive dev chart ( ), choose your film and developer and there it is.
Tri-X 400 is an easy film to push, I have pushed it all the way to 3200 ISO with good results in Rodinal (and it can be pushed even more). Fuji Neopan 400 is great at 1600 ISO (also in Rodinal).
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