Antonia Corke Photography 9:16pm, 5 October 2010
I am in the process of making my own darkroom at home and instead of it just being an expensive hobby I wanted to try and also make some money from it. So what I'd like to do is have a little business where people send me there film to be processed etc and I make prints for them. Hopefully people would use me as I'd be cheap, do it all by hand, spend a lot of time over it and work to peoples exact specifications on their prints. So I was wondering would this be a waste of time as most people have their own darkrooms or a company they send their stuff to that they wouldn't want to stop using? How do most people on here get their film processed and prints made? What things would they look for in a company who did this? Any advice would be really appreciated!
Rene Morrison 8 years ago
*i dont claim to be an expert of any kind on any topic, just giving my opinion :)*

I think this is a neat idea!
like you said though, anyone serious about film photography is going to want to do it themselves. I do think if you are developing the film, rather than printing, then that could make money. I develop my own B&W film, but for those who dont or cant would need someone to do it. Some people who dont have equipment shoot C41 B&W film and then send it off to cvs or walgreens, and lets face it, those places SUCK!

I think the developing is a good idea, dont know how printing will go but developing yes!

I had a period of time where i was lacking a darkroom and couldnt find a cheap company that was reliable enough to do this, so give it a try. just ADVERTISE. get the word out there

and good luck!
Thank you I'm glad you think its a good idea! I think I'll see how successful printing is first then look into developing cos thats the complicated one with insurance and everything!
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