KimpyWoo PRO 9:27am, 24 June 2010
Mine was a 1995 expiry film that I shot in 2009. The brand was Scotch and the iso was 100.

Some examples:

Two Thousand Trees festival by KimpyWoo

Tom, Lucy and pies by KimpyWoo

On the loo by KimpyWoo

What about you? How old have you gone? :)
inetjoker PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by inetjoker (member) 8 years ago
Some AGFA micro film from 1963. Turned out fine no base fog at all I shot it at ISO 12 in Diafine.

pushmi-pullyu 8 years ago
Kodak Tri-X from 1970 or something. Pretty good results, little fogging.
Janis Ganga 7 years ago
i did some expired films in 400asa :

and 200asa :

BrandonBphotography PRO 7 years ago
not so old,,, only a few years expired,,, but my last roll of AGFA APX25 ... So sad, I MISS YOU AGFA APX , Why did you leave us !
10 year-old Konica VX expired and kept in real bad conditions. Quite discolorated except for the blue tones.

Here an exemple that has been photoshoped:

Vieilles-Forges St-Maurice
inetjoker PRO 7 years ago
Konica VX was a great film as long as you never shot it 3 hours after the expiration date. :)
There are a lot of Konica VX still being offered on e-Bay. What should I understand from it? That those films are all expired or still being made???

So sad, I MISS YOU AGFA APX , Why did you leave us !

Maco still makes film from AGFA emulsion. It's called Rollei Retro 100. So far, you could order it directly from Maco:

Amazingly, Ultrafine Online carries AGFA APX 100 & 400. Is this tricky? Anyway, it's very cheap:
inetjoker PRO 7 years ago
The 100 is nothing like the 25 was and the 100 is from the last run that was great but not that great. I have 30meters in a bulk roll of AGFA 25 frozen in my deep freeze and 3 rolls from the other 30 meters I had. Seems I shot a few rolls and gave most away to friends. but that last 30 meters is for me or for my bank account.
leolima Posted 7 years ago. Edited by leolima (member) 7 years ago
Palácio Cristal
Kodak Junior I and Kodak Verichrome Pan 620 (expired 1974) kodak HC110 b @20º 8m
lister96 6 years ago
Expired 1990 Illford XP1 400 colour Process film.

Blood by lister96


square by lister96

really fun to see the areas most affected by the canister opening... and on the plus side, the film was all in reloadable shells... hence being able to bulk load my second most out of date film.... 1997 Fuji CDU Slide Duplicate Fujichrome. Man, crazy tungsten balance in sun...

Konica Vx 100 (exp. 2000) kept in unknown condition:

Vieilles-Forges St-Maurice
RTsan Posted 6 years ago. Edited by RTsan (member) 6 years ago
The awesome Ektar 25, expired early - mid 1990's, shot in 2007 (and I still have more!):

Ellora cave stupa
Ellis Mitchell 6 years ago
No idea how old this Ilford 120 film was but had some quite cool effects
joshuammulligan 6 years ago
Ilford FP4, 126 cartridge. Guessing it expired in the 70s:


Ilford Panf expired 1984:


jayt90 6 years ago
Ilford XP1 1985, just a year outdated but had green fringing on the edge of every frame. Hard to print.
Also in 1985 I developed a roll of '74 Tri X exposed at that time. It acquired heavy fogging from being held so long, but printable in a Lomo sort of way.
Yesterday I found a 1995 Fujichrome 100 under the Black's PI label. I am going to use it in snow scenes, and cross develop.
enchanting grain [deleted] 5 years ago
Kodak Ektachrome 120. 1983. Shot it a few weeks ago. most turned out rubbish because the focus mechanism on my Seagull TLR is brokien, but a few of the portraits turned out alright. Just gotta get them scanned and edited.
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