artistÆ’riendship 7:05pm, 26 September 2009
I just bought these fuji superia 400s that are expired since 2007. I opened up some of the canisters and there's a bit of white powdery, flaky stuff on the tops of the this some kind of corrosion? or maybe just from friction from the sides of the white canister?

just wondering
cabbiinc 9 years ago
I was hoping someone would say what that stuff was. I have one roll of expired Fuji film with it. I also have a roll of very very expired Kodak slide film without it.
pushmi-pullyu 8 years ago
Me too. Same film also. Same expiration year even! I'm shooting a roll now. I'll tell you how it goes.
pushmi-pullyu 8 years ago
Okay, I got the film developed. Photos look fine with only minor color shift
(or maybe that's just me.) But I still have no idea what the white stuff is, only that it has no apparent effect on the photos.
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