cabbiinc 11:59pm, 26 August 2009
OK, so I had Wal-Mart process a 120 roll of Ektar 100. I get it back and try to scan it and keep having these scan lines. I've read somewhere that when the mirrors in your scanner get crud on them it results in lines on the scanner. So I cleaned them. No improvement. So I decided to try turning the negative 180 degrees and scan it on the other side of the scanner. The same lines appeared. Is it me, or is this something that's on the negative?

The one on the left was right side up on the left side of the scanner, the one on the right was upside down on the right hand side of the scanner.
Here's a link to the full sized image for your viewing pleasure.
Brenden T Wilson 9 years ago
Those red bands near the top look more like they're on the emulsion. Scan another image (from another roll), if the lines don't appear that time then the problem in with the film.
cabbiinc 9 years ago
Looks like I need a new scanner. I grabbed the glass carrier and turned the neg sideways and the lines are still there.

No, it's the scanner
♔ @ Nibes 9 years ago
perhaps you should clean the scanner..
cabbiinc Posted 9 years ago. Edited by cabbiinc (member) 9 years ago

Well I cleaned the mirrors and even gave a wipe to the sensor lens. Is there something else I should try? The first scans at the top of this thread are with a film holder so the negs weren't sitting on any glass on those.

Keep in mind that this is a pretty old scanner and I'm probably just going to buy a new one. Now I just need to do some research.
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