Canon T70

Sophie Banh 7:03am, 11 June 2009
I have a canon t70 but I don't know what film to get for it.
It's fairly old (its my dads)
I don't know much about film photography and lenses
So can anybody help me?
Gman80918 9 years ago
Well...35 mm film. Try some Kodak and Fuji from your local dealer and see which film you prefer. Or you can also check out the pictures form the various Kodak and Fuji groups on Flickr. I use a wide variety of film. In my freezer I have Kodak Gold 100, 200 and 400. Ultra Color 100 and 400. Ektar 100. Various Portra films. Fuji Reala 100 and NPH 400. Fuji Superia 800 and 1600. And a bunch of Agfa Vista 100 and 400. You will want Canon FD mount lenses for your camera. They are pretty cheap right now. Check out E-bay and You have a realy nice camera. Enjoy!
Elle Is Oneirataxic 9 years ago
I also suggest just going to Walgreens or Walmart and buying some basic 24/36 exposure film. You don't need to buy anything major yet. Just get some C-41 processed film, shoot the roll, experiment, and go to Walgreens and get it developed. Until you gain a bigger understanding.
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