colour at home?

Leon Cole 7:35am, 1 April 2009
is it very much harder to process color films at home compared to b&w?
loidor 9 years ago
short answer: yes.

long answer: it is, but it's still doable. Thing is, you need to have higher, controlled temperatures which is a problem for lots of us. It's hard to maintain temperatures above room temp in a developing canister, things like that. If you manage to get around that I don't think it's that much harder. I do remember something about using bleach, but other than that I think it's about the same.
Leon Cole 9 years ago
thanks, ive only ever dealt with b/w chemicals, i was just curious weather it was going to be to much of a hastle to do at home or if i should keep getting them at lab.
loidor 9 years ago
ofc, if you have the possibilities it will surely be fun :)
I've been developing color film at home for somes weeks, using the Tetenal Colortec kit ,and I find it really easy (and cheap). There’s not a big difference between b&w and color development (besides the chemicals, of course) and It has been easy to reach and maintain the temperature (all you need is a digital thermometer, a source of very hot water and a tray to warm all the jugs with the chemicals)...
loidor 9 years ago
So how does that work? I keep imagining the chems gets cooler by the second, and if the container is full i can't add more. But if you say it's easy, it's worth a try at least ;-)
probable point [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by probable point (member) 9 years ago
My personal that it is not any harder. c-41 that is...

I found that if you buy a Styrofoam cooler and cut it down a bit so you can easily access your cups of developer/blix and canisters, you are good to go.

Fill the Styrofoam container with hot tap water - 120F so that two cups and your film container are nicely surrounded by the hot water.

Microwave your developer and blix - If Microwaving is not possible then do it however works best for you. - until you get it to the correct temp.Then do all your work in the Styrofoam container. You do have some latitude with the developer, so being off a couple of degrees is not going to affect much.

Experiment, Experiment , Experiment -- My first attempt I did it much like B&W to see what would happen.

I find that having the hot water at a higher temp then my developer does not cause any problems, simply because the heat transfer is not that fast.
loidor Posted 9 years ago. Edited by loidor (member) 9 years ago
Groovy. In that case I'll go for it and dump the mediocre lab of mine. Thanks for making me not so scared :)
Leon Cole 9 years ago
sweet thats how i was going to try it,just thought id get some other opinions b4 i ran out to buy chem.
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