dear profit [deleted] 4:37pm, 8 February 2009
I am interested in trying some B&W conversions from colour film. I have never really shot colour before and so I have no idea about colour film. Does anybody have recommendations for a colour film that converts well into B&W. I am shooting medium format btw. Thanks.
This post is really old, so you probably won't even see this, but I'll give my two cents anyway.

I usually prefer shooting traditional black and white film for that certain "look," but I do have some shots on my stream that I converted from c-41 films. I think any color film will convert nicely (so long as it is well exposed) if you play around with the curves and black and white points. Here are a couple that I did with Fuji Reala film though.

The graininess in the first one is the lab's fault for doing a lousy, low res scanning job, and not typical of the film.

Mia, Surveying Clark Street

Creepy Doll Revisited
inetjoker PRO 9 years ago
I find Porta 160NC is pretty good for this but I prefer to shoot real B&W.
[ Noktor-Matic ] 9 years ago
just shoot REAL B&W!!!!!!
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