eras-ending-above-us 2:25am, 4 August 2008
well . i tried to redscale color negative film iso 400 with my diana+ and i went 1 hour photolab to get it developed. and the results werent so nice as i thought.

it seems that the negative was like overexposed but there's something wrong with it . its green , i havent ever seen a green negative. so i really dont know what happened. you can still see parts from the pictures but as i said , it looks overexposed.

normally you will get a brown negative right?

i know if you cross process you wil get a purple negative ,.

does anyone know what happened?
eras-ending-above-us 10 years ago
sorry i really dont know too much about film processing and types of film , so i dont know if this is normal/
beyondthejupiter 10 years ago
for redscale green is ok, it will turn to red when scan

if you xpro, the color of the negative depends on the film, the chemicals. ..etc.
Alex Abian 10 years ago
1 hour labs suck, I think...
Brenden T Wilson 10 years ago
Yeah, remember that a negative is... a negative, if you're looking for a red final image than your negative will be green.
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