behemocik 8:11pm, 21 July 2008
truth or not???
FedericoMP 10 years ago
True for high speed films.
behemocik Posted 10 years ago. Edited by behemocik (member) 10 years ago
I have 100 ISO films so my shoots are safe ??
FedericoMP 10 years ago
Should, AFAIK. :)
behemocik 10 years ago
FedericoMP 10 years ago
I'm repeating what I've learned from Flickr. Kodak may be just covering his ass.

And then, if it was so dangerous, I guess all those big sellers of film abusing of international shipping would be ruined.

If you are paranoid enough, you can (easily?) avoid it using hand check luggage. :)
cabbiinc 10 years ago
Most of todays X-Ray scanners are not detrimental up to ISO 800 or so from what I've heard. The guy at the Smithonian shoved my bag through before I could get a roll of 3200 out of it (pissed me off) but it was fine.,+iso+3200&... You probably wouldnt see the fogging in black and white nearly as much as color though.

They make X-ray bags for just this sort of thing.
Quiet Corners Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Quiet Corners (member) 10 years ago
I visited Malta in the Autumn and came back with 5 ISO 400 B&W films which went through the X-ray machine. When I developed them they almost all had bands of over-exposure on them. I initially thought I had screwed up the developing but after a bit of research they looked exactly like examples of damaged film I found through Google. I also read that many airports use these new, more powerful machines. Ever since then I ask to have the film hand checked, it takes about 5 minutes longer at security...they moan and try to persuade you to put it though the machine but ever since I began doing that, not a single roll messed up out of 50+.

Make sure you finish the roll in your camera before packing and pop all the rolls in a plastic bag and hand them over as you go through security, they then swab each roll and put the swab in a machine that sniffs out explosives, drugs, etc (I assume). It's easy and gives peace of mind. I'll never put rolls of exposed film through the x-ray machine again.

I have examples of the damaged film I can post up if need be.
Philip Wilkerson 10 years ago
you can always have them hand check your film. just make sure to allow yourself enough time for the security to check it. If they insist that your film is safe to go through the machines, tell them no but just prepare your self to cough up some attitude to you. Just be patient and kind with the security and keep repeating "thank you."

You can always buy an x-ray proof lead bag that you can buy at any photo store. You still want to store this in your carry-on luggage, because the x-rays when check-in luggage are twice as strong.
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