eras-ending-above-us 3:40pm, 13 July 2008
why when I take my photos, not all of them come out?

begin to emerge since the meter mark to depart from the number 10 onwards.

with my colorsplash camera I have no problems.

I'm using a holga 135 and film is a fuji sensia.
cabbiinc 10 years ago
I dont understand the statement "begin to emerge since the meter mark to depart from the number 10 onwards".

Your using a Holga with Sensia film. I would assume ISO 100. You may be shooting in too dark of situations to actually expose the film. The camera/film combination you have chosen is a great learning excercise. You will begin to see the subtle variations in lighting and shadow. But it's tough to get it to come out right every time.

You may try some 400 speed black and white film. It has a great latitude and will give you some wiggle room with exposure. But if you want to get better at seeing the light and becoming a human light meter, your current setup is a great start.
eras-ending-above-us 10 years ago
hey sorry about that , my english isnt very good , and i had to use the google thing translator , i didnt even read that part.

well , yeah i think you're right ,i was using the film with ISO 100 or i think it was 200 but anyways , i just forgot about the ISO , i shot indoor places , so i guess thats the reason , i also shot pics outdoors , (you can check them) and it was almost night , so they look kind of dark.

and i think they didnt come out , because , i bought that film on ebay , and it didnt have the box , it was just in the little canister , so , i really dont know if the guy who sold me the film , pulled a little bit of the negative. or something like that.
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