eras-ending-above-us 2:55am, 6 July 2008
hey i hope someone can help me. i bought like 10 120 slide films.

and i went to the photolab and i told the guy that i dont want them to use e6 , instead use c 41 (which that is cross processing right? )

and they guy told me that they cant do it because then the pictures wont come out.

i had cross process 35mm without problems i just bought slide film and thats it.

but the guy told me they cant because it uses the CR-56 E-6 Process.

so is any difference about processing ? i really dont know if the ''CR-56'' affects the cross process.
FedericoMP 10 years ago
He seems to be an unenlightened. Even though they are "different" processes it's impossible that you would get absolutely nothing.

Kodak Process E6 vs. FujiHunt Process Cr-56
eras-ending-above-us 10 years ago
so the CR-56 doesnt really matter ?

as long it says e-6 everything will be ok right?

yeah , its gonna be my first developed 120 film. but i wanted to cross process it.

next time i will tell him that i will the take the risk.
FedericoMP Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FedericoMP (member) 10 years ago
Acordding to the link I posted, they are different but not different enough.

And be sure you will get something out of it. The only time you would get a blank film would be traditional bw or Kodachrome in C41 or E6.
eras-ending-above-us 10 years ago
mmm.... im going to ask the guy next time. thanks ^_^
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