This Is The Sea 6:18pm, 28 June 2008
C41 process high speed black and white film, very handy stuff.

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last chance
gmpicket 10 years ago
Two long exposure pinhole photos using 120 roll film that turned out black/aqua toned:


This Is The Sea Posted 10 years ago. Edited by This Is The Sea (member) 10 years ago
Yes, this film has an aqua tint, it's meant to be used in a B+W darkroom. I adjusted the colour in the first shot and removed it in the second.
Possibly my favourite black and white film...

Fog Walker

Jösé 10 years ago
Nature Is Intruding Into My Shot
FedericoMP 10 years ago
Found it a bit grainy but then I used the older emulsion.

Textura de tronco
inetjoker PRO 10 years ago
I did not like the tones and if you under expose less than 1 stop it looks like ISO 3200 film to me. but it is handy for some people though I do my own processing so it is not that handy for me. give me a good old roll of Tri-X or Plus-X and some HC-110 and I am happy.

But if you like it and I will say you got great results there go for it. Not everyone wants to drive a Ford that is why there are choices. :)
FedericoMP 10 years ago
@inetjoker: For a second I though you were talking about me and this was "Delete me uncensored". I didn't like it too much neither. Too less contrasty for my taste. But then, it's film. :)
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