eras-ending-above-us 9:01pm, 20 June 2008
i just got 2 films , one from 1958 and the other one from 1962.

both are unused.

but the thing is that i used the film from 1958 with my holga 135bc , and i went to walgreens process the film. the lady didnt know how to process the film , and i told her to use c41 but none of my pictures came out.

so i think its a diferent chemical , so i dont know what to do.

the film is a kodak tri pan . expiration date 1962
FedericoMP Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FedericoMP (member) 10 years ago
Tri-X Pan is a BW film. Remember you must not use anything but BW chemicals to develop it. You should overexpose it a little to be sure it reacts.

Check Really, really old Tri-X PAN
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