Dallas photographer Scott Dorn 3:57am, 4 May 2008
Cvs is getting rid of their slide film i hear rumur that aps film is now being discontuned and shortly slide film will go next.
polaboy888 10 years ago
add another to your list

kuyman 10 years ago
CVS is probably going to get rid of their slide film. It costs nine dollars a roll. For nine dollars a roll I can buy Velvia AND have it processed. Fuji just introduced another slide film a while ago (a few weeks) so I think the fate of slide film as a whole is still sound.

APS will hopefully go by the wayside, though. Make more room for real cameras, just like the death of 110.
inetjoker PRO 10 years ago
I think another death of film thread is .... well just that, another loose thread. E6 will be around for a long time.
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