jonathan ponce PRO 1:37am, 13 April 2008
Year old expired Portra 160NC (120 film).

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Amanda Tomlin PRO 10 years ago
Very nice!
jonathan ponce PRO 10 years ago
gmpicket 10 years ago

Esther17 8 years ago
the first shot off of my latest film camera acquisition, a Minolta Maxxum 400si. the expired Portra gave me some wonderful results:

ordinary out of the ordinary
inetjoker PRO 8 years ago
Yes it is a very nice film even expired.
dominikurbanowicz 8 years ago
Maybe OT but I do not want to start new topic
I have bunch of kodak 160 nc , kodak 400vc and kodak 160 vc ( 120 and 135) I would like to trade some of them for B&W film and maybe slide films.
Please FlickrMail me
I live in Ireland
mighty_herring 7 years ago
 by mighty_herring

 by mighty_herring
francesca daisy hill 7 years ago
handprinted kodak portra NC

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