opposite office [deleted] 2:15pm, 29 February 2008
Hi - like many, I have thousands of negs built up over many years, I have not been diligent in making notes of all the film brands and stocks - however now I am interested in comparing the qualities of the images I have created and the film stocks used.

To help in this process could we assemble a list of film codes and the film name and ASA as printed on the edge of the negs to help us identify our films?

Does this exist somewhere already ? Are 35mm code different to 120 ?

As a start the following format could work, comments welcome :

Film Code : FUJI RVP 593

Manufacturer: Fuji
Film Name : Velvia
Colour/Monoch' : Colour
Pos (E6) /Neg (C41) : Positive E6
ASA : 100
Day/Tung : Daylight
opposite office [deleted] 10 years ago
I guess that's a no interest then................
eight stem [deleted] 10 years ago
I would be willing to help, I can help design something. I can help anyway needed. I think this would be great when finished.
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hi Brian - there has been more response over at 'Medium Format ' pool.

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